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How Small We Are

I had to cheer someone up the other day. In my bid to be imaginative and put their blues into perspective, I remembered Monty Python’s ‘The Galaxy Song’ from The Meaning of Life. Yes, that’s right, don’t put me at top of your list of those who might be there to lift you out of depression or save you from suicidal tendencies – it’s not in my repertoire of talents….

But, I thought I’d pass the thought along anyway, and share the clips below. When you’re swimming in difficulties, sometimes it’s good to recognise that we, and our problems, are just a small part of a much bigger picture. A happy life is more about perspective than circumstances.

Graduates from Geoff Lawton’s PDCs will no doubt recognise the words in the first of the two clips below:


  1. Hey Craig, good to hear that you are cheering people up :) How important it is, that we are humbled by the vast universe around us. Humbled to the extent of love, and utter respect – similar to the love and respect, one might have for their God. We certainly do not own the world.

    Here’s great “Holy Shit” kinda movie that a friend put me on to: – Imagery taken from the Hubble Space Telescope in 2003

  2. Well, actually, speaking as a theoretical physicist, the story about the Universe and our share in it as we think we (physicists) understand it today is much more mind-boggling than we ever would have imagined – and these clips would suggest. But we usually don’t talk much about the really weird aspects to people who have not had years of mathematical training.

    In a certain sense, one could say that the most persistent illusion about “the” future is that only a single one would exist. Now if that’s not bizarre, I don’t know.

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