One Spot Left on July 25 Internship!

We have space for just one more on the 10-week Internship Program that begins July 25. If you’ve been procrastinating, this’d be a good time to stop!

The Internship program, begun at the beginning of 2010, is proving an instant success. Students are leaving Zaytuna Farm with a much higher degree of confidence to implement permaculture, whether it be for their own property, for project aid work or for paid consultancies – or all of the above!

Book here!

P.S. At the moment there are only three places left on the 24 January 10-week Internship Program as well, so there’s no time like the present to get in there if July isn’t going to work for you.



  1. I second Pat’s comment! This very internship launched me on a permaculture teaching trajectory. It gave me the confidence and drive I desired to go and get “real” work done!

    Don’t hesitate!


  2. Yeah I’ll third that. I have so much work coming at me after doing the internship I could employ someone to help me soon. Get qualified and get your ass in to gear!

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