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International Clayballs for Peace Meeting in Haiti

“Seeds after the earthquake” –
an international gathering event for solidarity and peace.

From October 26th to November 5th, 2010

After the earthquake that severely damaged Haiti in January 2010, we have the opportunity of acting in a concrete way to show solidarity with our Haitian sisters and brothers. We firmly believe that the real richness we can bring is in the improvement of the fertility of the soil, creating biodiversity and providing an ecosystem that will raise the amount of water in the environment as well as creating a food forest for the people to enjoy. Haiti suffers from extremely arid conditions. As a result, food production is low and the country is forced to import approximately 70% of its food. [Editor’s addition – there are other factors too!] After the recent disaster Haitian people are even more dependent on foreign aid and imports.

From the 26th October to the 5th of November 2010 people from different parts of the world, together with local people from Haiti, will meet at the international ecovillage community of Sadhana Forest Haiti ( in Anse a Pitre, Haiti, to learn how to make different types of seed-clayballs and throw them together on the land. We will all contribute to the recreation of an indigenous forest that will bring life and fertility as well as human solidarity. We will all live together as a big community.

The event, including all activities, workshops, vegan food and filtered water will be completely free.

“May there be many more forests to grow people”

Sadhana Forest Haiti is a vegan no-smoking community focused on reforestation, sustainable living and spiritual growth. We are a daughter-community of the 6 years old and ongoing, acclaimed project Sadhana Forest India.

Alcohol and drugs are not a part of the Sadhana Forest experience!!!

Workshops and activities:

Reforestation: We will learn how to recreate an indigenous forest that will give local people the opportunity to live in an harmonious and productive ecosystem that will improve their living conditions. In our project in India we have planted more than 20,500 Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest plants of 150 different indigenous species, and we are constantly mulching and caring for them. Survival rate on average is between 80% – 90%. Survival rate does not fall below 70% even on the most degraded soil.

Natural farming and seed clay-balls: Masanobu Fukuoka, the philosopher-farmer that developed the method of natural farming and the seed clay ball, devoted his life to serve nature creating a method of agriculture that proposes to work with nature rather than against it. He travelled the world with the mission of stopping the desertification process by throwing clay seed balls in deforested areas in order to bring them back to life. He is the author of “The One-Straw Revolution” among other titles. He passed away at the age of 95 on August 16, 2008. We feel lucky and honoured to continue his work in serving nature for the sake of the entire world.

Permaculture: There will be a two day Permaculture Workshop.

Day one: – Defining permaculture ethics and principles, and introducing the design process.
Day two: – will include additional design tools and hands on activity.

In addition we will be living and learning in and around Permaculture design.

Organic gardening: Learn a variety of skills to create organic gardens integrated with water conservation techniques, which can be applied to large or small scale farming in a variety of environments. We will also learn how to create a small highly productive urban balcony garden for city inhabitants.

Water conservation skills: The conservation and the harvesting of water are fundamental for creating a healthy system for plants and animals and to prevent desertification and erosion. Without water there is no life. You will have the opportunity to learn valuable water conservation techniques.

… and more…

Please contact us to receve all the necessary, updated information!

For information, visit our website and email us (specifying Haiti in the subject) here: sadhanaforest (at)

Or call us: 001-809-787-2233 or 001-809-752-2233

Facebook page (please share!)

We are looking forward to meet you in Sadhana Forest Haiti!!!


The Sadhana Forest Haiti Family


  1. So is the idea to make clay balls in other countries, to ship to Haiti?
    If so, have you thought this through?

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