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Confessions of a Permaculture Aid Worker, Episode 6 – David Spicer in Morocco

‘Confessions of a Permaculture Aid Worker’ is a weekly podcast show from PRI Australia aimed at documenting the experiences of people out in the field and making more information available about what’s happening in the Permaculture world.

In Episode 6 I’m speaking to David Spicer who has been working on in Morocco, teaching a course as well as consulting for a farm there.

Click play to hear the talk:

Confessions of a Permaculture Aid Worker, Episode 6 - David Spicer, Morocco

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  1. cheers Rob

    great minds work a like they say ! today finished co-teaching PDC with Brad Lancaster in Palestine ,very rewarding work, will have up date on that and jordan soon

    take care mate

  2. Dave, great to hear that laugh again!

    Yes the trip up the mountain on a donkey from the spring to the village was wonderful and showed us so clearly how hard things are for those people. Their water source has dried up so the borehole is essential and with swales they should be able to keep more water in the land. Will you be back to drive the JCB for them?

  3. About digging the swales … maybe funds would be better spent employing the local guys to dig by hand?

    That would keep the project local, put money in their pockets AND help them to understand the principles of water management at the same time. It would also give them “ownership” of the work so maybe encourage them to maintain it, and extend it beyond the boundaries of the project.

    It might be slow – and a nightmare to organise! – but have a longer term impact, perhaps? Learning by doing and then seeing the results.

  4. hey helen I think the trip up the mountains was powerful for every one just to realize what the locals have to go throw each day for the basic needs to survive
    on the swales by hand would be great as you say educate and keep the money with in the comunity

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