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Leaving Zaytuna Farm

Nearly 18 months have passed since I first arrived at PRI to sit my PDC. At that time I had the idea of following the PDC with wwoofing on various permaculture farms and projects, however halfway through the PDC it became obvious that Zaytuna Farm was the best place to gain some hands on experience. After disappearing for a month to sort out odds ‘n ends, I returned to settle in for an undecided period. Over this time Geoff has had me working as his farm manager and also sending me on various consultations. The farm has expand rapidly with earth works and structures erected. The experience here has been invaluable and certainly life changing and for this I give Geoff and Nadia many thanks.

I would also like to thank all the people I have met over the last 18 months (150+) especially those that put in huge efforts of voluntary work to help me keep the place running when G&N were away.

The amount of opportunities that have been offered since being here are amazing, one being my next venture:

Graeme and Leonie Northfield, of the Sunshine Coast QLD, travel the world teaching Astanga yoga and after 20 years of being on the road want to bring it all home to their beautiful 100 acre property in Bowraville, Central Coast NSW. As such they have invited me to help apply an ongoing permaculture design to the property and combine teaching Permaculture with yoga workshops – this combination sounds very exciting to me. So, as a result I am departing Zaytuna on Saturday the 4th of July.

To anyone who may be interested in gaining some solid hands on experience in Permaculture, Zaytuna farm can always use extra people. Ideally Geoff needs people that can commit for extended periods and in all honesty, to receive the maximum benefit in your learning experience here, long term stays are essential. You can even commit to a particular subject (eg. Crops, nursery, food forest, animal systems, etc.). Zatuna is a 66 acre classroom and the diversity here expands very quickly. Commited hard working people are always welcome and the experience gained here is essential to budding Permaculturists. Anyone interested can contact myself – oncontour (at), or Geoff for more info.

Also anyone interested in helping out Graeme, Leonie and myself in ‘Bowradise’ please drop me a line. With swales and dams to go in, we are planning to hold a water harvesting course in October (which of course will include some yoga).

Again, my heartfelt thanks to everyone that I have met and been inspired by on this journey.

Craig Gallagher

Siobhan O’Reilly (another long termer at Zaytuna), myself,
Geoff, Nadia and Latifa


  1. You are in inspiration Craig. Was a pleasure meeting you. Bowraville sounds like a good place to go. Gook luck with it and keep us posted.

  2. Hi Craig.

    When you get to bowraville, get online to to get in touch with a group of people interested in promoting local food, peak oil awareness, permaculture etc etc etc.


  3. Thanks everyone, much appreciated. I’ll definitely look into that Craig and see if we can get things cranking down there.

  4. How appropriate, fly the coop on independance day! ;)
    It’s strange to believe you are actually leaving.
    You certainly contributed positively to my stay at PRI.
    Taught me a lot.
    Now go out and teach the world my friend.
    thank you.

  5. I experienced so much at the farm with you Craig. Awesome times. We wish you the best for the coming times. Oh….and look after that guitar :)

  6. Hey, Craig great work. You have taught me a lot. I’m sure you will become an excellent Permaculture teacher and a real asset to the movement. Need a reference, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  7. Yassou Craig! Greetings from Paros.
    Our dreams and visions will soon be brought into reality. What a blessing to walk the path (and the talk) with likeminded people and to share our gifts, experiences, knowledge and passion for growth and healing. Bowradise – here we come!

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