PRI Permaculture News Update – 7 June 2010

The PRI Permaculture News Update is a weekly radio style news bulletin that gets you up to date with the world of Permaculture in just 5 minutes.

Subscribe to the feed on your i-Something/MP3 player and even if you can’t always make it to you’ll never miss what’s been happening and always know where to find the nitty gritty details of a story.

Each week we cover the posts from the last 7 days plus a selection of stories from other Permaculture projects worldwide.

You might even know someone that is kind of into Permaculture but not sure what the go is – this podcast might be for them. Subscribe and pass it on!

Also if you have a Permaculture story you think might be suitable for the update, let us know at media (at) We can only report on it if we know about it.

Click play to hear the update:

PRI Permaculture News Update, 7 June 2010

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