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Great Soil Biology – The Silver Bullet

Talking with Soil Biology Wizard, Paul Taylor

When you put the Permaculture lens on and look at where our food comes from there are hundreds of dead canaries trying to warn us it’s time to wake up and make a change to something better.

As I look closer I realise the industrial food system is a planet destroying system that deprives people of health and well-being, putting more value on short-term profits and perfect looks than nutrient content and building resilient communities that have sustainable access to food. Not only that but it appears to be edging towards collapse as failing unproductive farms are propped up by more and more chemicals and machines that run on not-so-cheap-anymore oil.

So just as it was all looking a little bleak I was lucky enough to speak with Paul Taylor from Trust Nature. He is a true genius when it comes to understanding soil biology and restoring land back to fertility.

Through natural biological processes such as compost and compost teas, Paul is able to get a failing farm to do a complete 180 and return to abundant production in just three years without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Silver bullets are a rare occurrence but this is one that’s come along just at the time when we need it most. Even better, it seems evident that through movies like Food Inc. people are actually waking up and looking for the solution.

This is a very interesting conversation that gives a new perspective on land management and the future of food. I can’t recommend it more. Click play at top.

As it happens, Paul Taylor regularly teaches one-week Soil Biology courses at Zaytuna Farm. Paul helps you to come to grips with the all-important life under your feet, leaving you feeling well capable of working with these incredible biological systems to do what all people should be doing – that being to build soil!

There are still a few places on the next course, beginning June 7. Book now to secure your place.


  1. Pat, that was gold mate! When will the world be
    able to down load these types of interviews
    so we can have them as apart of our teaching resourse.
    Paul is such a wealth of knowledge, I have sat through 2 of
    his courses and loved every second of it.

  2. Fantastic interview – I wish they’d put this stuff on Radio National. And on every single TV primetime channel in Oz, UK, US, Canada,etc etc. We need a revolutional evolution of our minds & thinking. Loving the new radio podcasts, guys (thanks Patrick – you rock!): it means we can keep getting educated as we work here on the mundane, boring, but necessary day-to-day stuff.

  3. Thanks Chloe. Radio National are actually the good guys, they do give permaculture a bit of air time when we tell them about ourselves. It’s a bit harder to get in with some of the other media though… guess we’ll have to keep pluggin away.

    To reiterate craig, facebook it up!

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