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Transition Day Gathering for Information and Inspiration with David Holmgren

Where: Eumundi QLD (click for map)
When: Thursday 10th June, 2010

Photo: Maureen Corbett

Background: Transition Towns is a new direction out of Permaculture. It began in the UK with permaculture teacher Rob Hopkins and a PDC group designing a whole community in the face of peak oil and climate change. Permaculture design, ethics, principles, skills and knowledge are the basis of all Transition Town action.

Australians saw the potential very early and started the first Transition Town outside the UK on the Sunshine Coast in September 2007 and now there is a national network of Transition Towns all implementing permaculture design and principles at community and regional levels.

Sustainability leader and Permaculturist David Holmgren presents Future Scenarios that show how this long crisis may play out and how permaculture can provide tools for community resilience in the face of future challenges. David offers the Transition Movement some excellent tools to work with which can provide inspiration for whole towns and regions to begin permaculture action.

The Day: As part of his Sunshine Coast tour in June, David Holmgren and Su Dennett will be Transition Sunshine Coast’s very special guests at a day full of inspirational stories and wonderful opportunities for Transition Town networking.

Building on his visit to the Sunshine Coast in 2006, which sparked the beginnings of Transition Sunshine Coast and Australia’s first Energy Descent Action Plan, this is our opportunity to pause to celebrate just how far we have come and how much we have achieved.

Transition Towns from the Coast and our surrounding neighbours are invited to deliver a short presentation of what they’ve been up to and what they have achieved in their communities.

We will spend the day and evening together acknowledging and honouring the work we have already done, celebrating our successes, learning from each other and being inspired and energised to go back to our communities and achieve even more.

Cost is: $75 per person

Accommodation: Contact Janet Millington on 5442 7200 for a range of Eumundi accommodation options to suit your needs if you would like to stay overnight.

Places are strictly limited.
To secure your place at this event please use the following contacts:

Sonya Wallace at permaculturepathways (at)
or call 5457 3961 or 0408 013 012

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