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Cool Collage of the Ten-Week Internship Program

David Stockhausen, who is doing some cool work in San Francisco, recently came out to take our January-April 2010 Internship program, and went beyond the call of duty to also put together a rather cool collage of the experience.

Nice one David!

The April-July internship is now underway, and there are only a couple of seats left on the July-October program.


  1. Awesome work PDS.

    And thanks mate, for saving that last 10sec for some inspiration from me. Talk with you soon dude.

    To everyone who was at Zaytuna between Jan to april 2010, best of luck to you all and you made the experance at the PRI even better.

    Thanks again David.

  2. Glad you guys liked it!

    -sorry Huggins, but we all need a comedy break ;) now and again….you just didn’t know you’d be providing one. Thanks for having a sense of humor!

    -talk soon,


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