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Confessions of a Permaculture Aid Worker, Episode 3: Marda Permaculture Farm in Palestine

‘Confessions of a Permaculture Aid Worker’ is a weekly podcast show from PRI Australia aimed at documenting the experiences of people out in the field and making more information available about what’s happening in the Permaculture world.

In Episode 3 I’m speaking to Murad from Marda Permaculture in Palestine. He runs a Permaculture demonstration site and is co-teaching a PDC with David Spicer and Brad Lancaster in June 2010.

Confessions of a Permaculture Aid Worker, Episode 3 - Marda Permaculture Farm in Palestine

Links referred to in podcast:

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Topics covered in this episode:

  • Details and purpose of site
  • Conditions in Palestine
  • Education and training
  • June PDC
  • Blackwater
  • Pig Grazing and Damage



  1. thanks for this, it makes me sick to my stomach that these settlers continue to make life so hard for these village folk.

    i mean what kind of despicable people run their sewage out on anothers orchards, i hope spontaneous seismic activity makes ariel uninhabitable.

  2. Yes I’ve seen this book, Paul Stamets is excellent. Filtering blackwater is possible but I wonder how it could be done in this situation. The shear volume would be a problem i think, not that I have been there. If the water could be slowed down and directed through a large multi-stage reed bed it would actually be a wonderful show of resilience, turning a terrible waste product into an incredible resource.

  3. Agreed. The land looks quite steep too in places. Perhaps a series of reed bed terraces topped/built with hessian sacks filled with straw or similar carbon rich material and inoculated with fungal mycellium. It’s difficult to know without being on site. Something for the students on the Marda PDC to ponder? I’d love to hear if they come up with a solution.

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