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Very Edible Gardens’ Urban Kindergarten Installation

In this video I caught up with Dan and Adam from Very Edible Gardens in Melbourne.

They were doing a Permaculture installation at a kindergarten that will be maintained by the children daily, teaching them all about where food comes from. The garden will also supply their commercial kitchen which feeds over 100 children from the 3 kindergartens in the region.

The beds are built with sustainably harvested timber and watered with a drip irrigation system, which is fed by an underground storage tank that collects rainwater from the roof. The same tank also supplies an outdoor wash up sink in the garden and the toilets inside the kindergarten.

It was great to see the staff and children so enthused about a Permaculture garden!


  1. At 53 +/- seconds I hear him ( the demonstartor ) say , ” we put XXXXX underneath to stop the Euc. roots coming up & robbing the garden.”

    Please : WHAT is the XXXXX word ?? I have listened repeatedly but DO NOT RECOGNISE it. Maybe a COMMERCIAL PRODUCT ?? Who knows? Help!

    I have that PRECISE PROBLEM – the Euc. roots prob. Of course I could do a ” wicking bed ” event I know. ALL suggestions welcomed . !! Ta .


  2. He said “root barrier”. I think it’s a woven nylon sheet or similar, which allows water through but is too tightly woven to allow roots to penetrate it. Google it to find suppliers near you.

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