Door Soon to Close on Following Courses

  • We still have a couple of seats left on the May 3 Earthworks Course. If you’re interested to learn the very best in natural drought-proofing techniques, which also happen to provide the best foundation for creating the kind of natural capital (food forests and soil fertility) that will help see you through the times ahead, you’ll find this course an extremely valuable and timely experience. See the clip at bottom for a musical montage of a previous earthworks course at Zaytuna Farm.
  • The May 24 Teacher Training course is aimed at guiding you into a rewarding career in teaching Permaculture Design Certificate courses. Financing your life through positive, holistic education has got to be one of the most satisfying things you can do. Geoff’s consistent smile is evidence here….
  • The June 7 Soil Biology course will immerse you in micro- and macro-biology, and you’ll come away with not only a greater appreciation of what’s going on under your feet, but you’ll also feel empowered in how to harness those processes to make nature work for you – and work for you forever.

Book via the respective links above and we’ll see you soon!

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