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Permablitz in Bellingen, Australia

Heard of Backyard Blitz? Well, welcome to the socially responsible and environmentally friendly ‘permablitz‘! This is a film by the Bellingen Permablitz Group. We are everywhere…. come play with us….

Permablitz is for you if:

  • You want to learn some practical organic gardening skills
  • you would like to learn some permaculture priciples
  • you would like to grow your own food
  • you would like to do something positive for the planet
  • you would like to create a suburban edible forest
  • you are interested in public space food forests and guerilla gardening
  • you would like to get to know your ‘neighbours’

Bellingen permablitzes are currently being organised by Joe Walker.


  1. Raise awareness of Permaculture and Permablitzing in interested/relevant communities, community organizations, local government and the media on the mid-north coast.
  2. Raise awareness of issues around food production amongst above groups, and of the ability of permaculture to provide a viable and effective means of positive action on an urban/suburban level.
  3. Establish a self-sustaining, non hierarchical and open permablitzing movement in Bellingen.
  4. Run successful blitzes on houses in Bellingen
  5. Blitzes often include an informal workshop on no dig gardening and potentially other topics if requested.

Permablitz Resources:



  1. I thought the narration was a little hypocritical talking about not needing cars when you can clearly see a couple of gas guzzlers in the background. The compost piles looked like they were dumped by a large truck as well so the reliance on fossil fuels is still quite high and has plenty of room left for improvement.

    Other wise, good work :)

  2. Yes, there are cars in the background and compost may have been dumped by a truck, but we are in a world that needs change. We can’t set a perfect utopian example at this point, but we can help people move from the comfort zone they are in to a zone that will create a better world. All we have to do is be a bit tolerant and patient, and help people make that transition.

  3. Whats with the apocalyptic intro music and pseudo horror theme. Permaculture meets Frankenstein – wrong image bucko!!

  4. hear hear geoff, we cant get stuck on being perfect or well stop working. making a difference and learning is the most important factors.

  5. This was a great film and i loved the music! thanks for putting in the effort ;) we just did a Permablitz in townsville, Im actually editing the footage now, so stay tuned, ill have to post it on the this website too.

    ps. yeah groovy tune

  6. Hi guys, gals and fellow permablitzers,

    Our sponser of the compost AARVBEE Recyclers 6555 3777 offered the big truck but with recent rain (we had to postpone for a week – 3.6 metres of RAIN in 2009) and access difficulty my little Toyota light truck (409,000kms and bulletproof)was the work horse.

    Bellinger valley is a big place so cars, trucks & 4WDs will be around just a little bit longer.

    The music “Fundamental Shift” is by a local Bellingen musician,Jota, voice over is David Suzuki.

    As to criticism please see Pacific Edge blog by Russ Grayson and post by Ted Trainer (UNSW) Also link to his complete book, “The Simpler Life”. Transition Town and Permaculture are great
    ideas….but how are you going to do it?

    Permablitz Bellingen came about by my walking away from 9 months of planning meetings…people were desperate (mainly new settlers) to do stuff. I walked away from Transition when they decided to have a meeting about having a meeting.

    The buzz on the street was when are we going to do permablitz? The first one took a week to organise!

    Host of permablitz Bellingen #4 was eating bowls of salad after 23 days and at 2 months was harvesting half a bucket of food a day. Rachel is a new settler who has never had a garden in her life! Quote ” This is my dream and I thought it would take years” Rachel Cobb 29 November 2009

    How are we going to do it?

    “Permablitz the world! That’s the path to survival, sustainability, and cultural renewal.”
    Richard Heinberg, author The Party’s Over
    voice over is David Sukuzi (with permission)

    How are we going to do it?


    Jamilla & Ken will be hosting a permablitz at their home in Dorrigo. It was one of the earliest houses built in Dorrigo, so lots of wonderful old fruit trees and other surprises. We have an expert coming to identify some of the more mysterious ones!

    Please contact Jamilla on 0402 775761 or [email protected]
    for directions and to book a place.

    Take care on your journey

    Joe Walker (PDC)
    Regional contact
    Permablitz Bellingen
    M:0438 516351

  7. thanks for feedback all. I am so sorry that comes over as hypocritical…the voice over is David Suzuki on a track by Jota…I just liked it when I was putting the film together. We are doing our best here and many of the participants carpooled, rode their bikes or walked. It is a start, if imperfect. And yes, the compost was brought in by the organiser on the back of his ute, but you know – as I said, we are doing our best…I could have contrived it so there were no cars in evidence of course :)

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