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Our Environmental Status and Future Events

Editor’s Note: Geoff Lawton spoke at Geelong, Victoria last year. Matt Whittley shares some snippets from his talks.

If we are being honest with ourselves, most people would admit that the next 50 years is going to be a lot different than the past 50 years. Future generations are going to need to cope with overwhelming conditions that they had nothing to do with creating.

I believe that we need regular reminders and need fresh perspectives to assess what is going to happen tomorrow and how our actions today have an affect.

We are entering into critical times as we reach tipping points on economy, climate, energy, food, water, soil, and social elements. This video is a great call to action; Permaculture Design is the action!


  1. Yes, thanks for posting. This is the only formal speech I’ve seen Geoff deliver. I think there should be more of this on the web. I was fortunate enough to meet the man (in Idaho, of all places) but I did not know he was such a powerfull speaker.

    I’ve listened to old recordings of Mollison’s talks, sometimes after dark, while camped alone in the bush. His words inspired me like none I’ve heard since. They spoke with unabashed morbid curiosity for our strange and spooky times, and of the capacity of the human animal to survive them, with brains, with guts, and with humor. Mollison appealed to my higher reason, but also to a baser and more tenacious part of my nature. Our permanence, our survival, depends on this primal vitality.

    Something about this speech of Lawton’s strikes a similar chord. Mollison is a hard act to follow, but Geoff is a damn good spokesman in his own right.

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