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National Permaculture Day May 1, 2010

National Permaculture Day is a day to promote and celebrate Permaculture. It’s a day whereby our collective effort is consolidated, providing maximum focus on Permaculture across Australia.

The day will bring many benefits. It will:

  • Invite the public to learn more about Permaculture
  • Provide inspiration, ideas and solutions
  • Grow membership for local groups
  • Build local community
  • Direct people to Permaculture courses and workshops
  • Provide media opportunities
  • Provide Permaculture business opportunities
  • Provide Permaculture people and groups an opportunity to demonstrate their skills
  • Provide an annual event to bring a cohesive whole to permaculturalists across Australia and beyond.

Permaculture Sydney (which comprises Permaculture North, South and West regional groups and all their respective local groups) decided to run a Permaculture Action Day in May last year and harnessed the capacity of its large membership to put on over 20 events throughout Sydney. It was an overwhelming success attracting over 1,000 people to a variety of events including Permablitzes, workshops, films, demonstrations, talks and many open home garden tours.

Following this came inquiries from neighboring Permaculture Groups to create a larger event for 2010. Permaculture Sydney would now like to invite all to join in and make this a truly National Permaculture Day. This year groups in Cairns, Blue Mountains, Noosa, Hunter, Southern Highlands, Central Coast, Bega and more have joined the party.

This year a small management group was formed within Permaculture Sydney to organize the event. National Permaculture Day posters and flyers have been produced that any group can use and a National Permaculture Day website is currently being set up ( from which you will be able to download posters and other material for the event. If you would like to add events send an email to Andrew at events (at)


  1. What a fantastic idea! Good luck.
    I’m helping set up a local permaculture group, Permaculture Melbourne Inner North. Our first meeting is next Wednesday 31 (6:30pm Preston Library). I’ll bring up National Permaculture Day to see if it gets any ideas.

  2. Being an Australian citizen, I’m just so thrilled at the efforts being made in Australia! I’ve followed permaculture for the past 25 years, 11 of which have been spent here in India. We have founded the Permaculture Society of India – our new website will be published on Green Servers!

    We plan to adopt|adapt many of the Australian perma-initiatives for the Indian subcontinent. The work is extremely challenging … we need all the support we can get from our perma-bothers/sisters! Feel free to visit our beta-website in the meantime!

  3. Just following up on Vic Gaffney’s comments:
    What is the website url?
    Are you aware of the great P/c guidebook put together by Ego Lemos, Lachlan McKenzie et al, eapecially designed for promoting P/c in underdeveloped areas and for farmers who have low literacy skills.
    Miriam Baxt.

  4. I would like to know why May 1 was made Permaculture Day, this day is already an important day for workers, May Day, and has existed for a lot longer than Permaculture has. Workers celebrate it, even in Australia where it’s not a holiday as it is in most countries.

    Are we excluding workers from Permaculture activities? Is this an elitist movement? Not according to Permaculture principles as I understand them. I would appreciate it if someone explains this to me. Thank you.

  5. @Miriam

    I’ve trawled the internet … (googled the google) … but have only come across one REAL reference to the Permaculture Guidebook [Ego Lemos, Lachlan McKenzie] which appears as though it’s housed at the Victoria University library! See :
    If there’s an online version available … or some way I can get in touch with the authors … that would be of great help!

    With best regards, Vic.

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