Weekly Linkfest – Edition 001

Welcome to the first edition of our new Weekly Linkfest! Where possible, I’ll put up a weekly roundup of interesting environmental and permaculture news – with the intention that it’ll be an easy way for readers to jump to important and/or interesting news and practical or inspiration material.

I would greatly appreciate readers getting involved in this weekly linkfest. Please email editor (at) with links (and ideally a sentence outlining key points) to noteworthy articles and news reports on the internet (put ‘Weekly Linkfest Fodder’ in the subject line, as I have a message rule that will move these messages into a specific folder for this purpose). This is a great way to share information of merit with the greater permaculture community.

Let’s get started:

Good News (coz we all need it):

Bad News (coz we need to understand the challenges if we’re to design our way out of them):

Just plain interesting (coz we’re curious creatures):

Don’t forget to send me your links for next week’s linkfest!!


  1. Thanks Craig
    Great idea. Tracking mail is a big challenge.This will really help those folks that get a lot of mail. Your are doing a great job I click in very often


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