Keyline & Carbon Farming Workshop – April 12-14th 2010

Darren Doherty

Taranaki Farm is excited to announce its role in the upcoming Keyline & Carbon Farming – 3 Day Workshop being organised by Fusion Farms. Taranaki Farm will play host to world-respected keyline & permaculture designer Darren Doherty as he stages his very popular Keyline course in Central Victoria, Australia, only 65km from Melbourne.

The workshop will be conducted on Taranaki Farm (for the first time), a fully featured demonstration site for keyline design principles, designed by Darren himself. Don’t miss this special chance to learn about keyline and carbon farming inside a complete keyline system that includes earthworks for water harvesting, lock-pipe gravity irrigation, multi-species agroforestry, keyline ploughing, rotational grazing and more…

Taranaki Farm is also the home of the innovative Compost Tea & Keyline Injection rig recently developed by Ben Falloon and featured on this site. See this setup in person and understand the great potential of this combination for healing degraded land.

An intensive blend of technical & practical sessions targeted at farmers, professional land managers, consultants, permaculture designers, earthmovers, tree-changers, landcare enthusiasts and anyone with a strong interest in sustainable land management, soil creation and finding the keys to reversing climate change.

  • Whole farm design
  • Amplified contour cultivation
  • Water storage in farm dams
  • Better layout of farm roads
  • Quick gravity irrigation
  • Contour strip forests
  • Subdivision design
  • Healing Erosion
  • Solving salinity
  • Holistic Management
  • Pasture improvement
  • and heaps more…

Grants for Farmers

If you are a farmer, indigenous land manager, primary producer or in the immediate family of any of these, you can do this course for free through the FarmReady subsidy scheme. You can read how on the Fusion Farms website.

For full workshop details and to book your place, visit


  1. Its a fun workshop and gives good insight into the carbon market which is inevitable. We either fight it or complain about it or we get real data to join it. Darren is an excellent facilitator and I highly recommend this course. Keyline scale of permanence predates Bill Mollison’s design principles which gives some insight on how Bill came up with his methodology. Have fun with Captain Plow!!!

  2. Absolutely Pakka! Keyline has a huge range of applications from the smallest farm through to large acreage. It’s a way of looking at land and understanding how different components interact, like climate, dams, roads, buildings, fences. Like the primary Keyline book title, it’s Water for Every Farm; Small or large.

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