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ABC Talks to Geoff Lawton About Haiti

In the following short podcast, PRI Managing Director Geoff Lawton talks to ABC radio about the challenges of Haiti and the opportunity to heal both the people and the landscape by giving local people meaningful work in implementing intelligent permaculture designs to rebuild on a sustainable basis.

Click play to listen.

ABC Talks to Geoff About Haiti

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  1. I am a little bummed he didn’t ask for donations for PRI, or mention donations for ourSOIL, the small organization on the ground in Haiti that was constructing composting toilets and teaching the locals
    Also, here is her riveting blog update about what is going on there
    and Cat Laine is with her, you must be familiar with her work if not here is video
    I am not as supportive of either the red cross or Hillary after watching the proceedings.
    I had sent the red cross money, and now regret that. Since there are permaculturists on the ground that seem to stretch aid further than these coporatized charities, I think the money would go further and be better appreciated with ourSOIL or with a donation to your project Racine
    I find it a bit odd that he didn’t mention that, or that he didn’t mention the Permaculture disaster relief forming. I took a look at that and they were using sprouts! How ingenious, quick food!
    and I saw something about pumps to get the water out at this spot
    the permaculture guild
    so I guess I am wishing he used the attention a little bit better.

  2. Networking and funding for teams/projects working in Haiti on permaculture relief and restoration. Relief donations are being accepted by our non-profit umbrella, Permacultura America Latina (PAL).


    If you’d like to go to Haiti to help with permaculture relief/restoration projects, please click here:

    If you are forming a team/project, or are part of an existing team/project, please click here:

    Please spread the word!

  3. The first thing you learn about Haiti is that it is something of a failed economy, and totally denuded of trees. If there is ever a laboratory or perfect test case for mobilizing an entire nation to permaculture, this is it.

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