120 Most Read Posts of 2009

Given it’s holiday season for many of you, and, with the recession and all, many of you in the southern hemisphere will be, hopefully, spending time in the garden preparing for uncertain times. But, there’ll be rainy days where you may well be pressing your nose up against the glass, wishing you could go outside and play but not being allowed to, and of course the rest of us in the northern hemisphere may have a few months to go before the ice melts….

As such, to give you something worthwhile to do, I thought I’d put up the most read posts from this site from 2009. Our internal stats give us a breakdown of clicks, and so the posts below are listed in the order of popularity of visit. You voted for them with your mice.

But Please Note: Do remember, many of the posts have an unfair disadvantage, simply from the fact that they were published later in the year. Indeed, some of them were published prior to 2009 but have consistently attracted visits. As such, I’d suggest browsing titles you haven’t seen before and reading those with subjects that interest you.

P.S.: Please also note, we have a ‘Categories’ section on our sidebar, where you can drill down to sub-categories that interest you at any time.

P.P.S.: Why not, on other rainy days, take some time to tell the world about what you’re doing, or what inspires you? I believe we need to share our experiences so we can all grow together in knowledge and purpose. Click here to read more.

  1. An Industrial Revolution Like No Other
  2. The Permaculture Master Plan
  3. Global Warming, Hitler, and World War II Rationing
  4. Rosina Buckman – Living Smart on the Sunshine Coast
  5. Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food
  6. Demystifying Economics
  7. Letters from Vietnam – the Road to Na Sai
  8. Veggie Garden on White House Lawn
  9. Convert Your Eco-Unfriendly Swimming Pool into a Biologically Active and Attractive Fish Farm!
  10. Use of permaculture under salinity and drought conditions
  11. Tamarind Tree
  12. Letters from Vietnam: The Hmong People – Reclaiming Lost Skills
  13. Phosphorus Matters
  14. Greening the Desert II – Final
  15. Urban Design Patterns in Melbourne
  16. Nitrogen Fixing Trees – The Multipurpose Pioneers
  17. Pesticides, and You
  18. “Living on the edge”, the balcony garden designers guild
  19. Going to Pot!
  20. Letters from Vietnam – Arriving to HEPA
  21. Letters from Sri Lanka – The World’s Largest Water Harvesting Earthworks Project
  22. Obama’s Organic Example Sets Cat Amongst Corporate Pigeons
  23. Which Came First – Pests, or Pesticides?
  24. Soil – Our Financial Institution
  25. Fast compost – Soil Permaculture Design and Maintenance
  26. Bill Mollison Interview from 1991
  27. Rising Seas and Powerful Storms Threaten Global Security
  28. Report on our Iranian Consultancy Trip of December 2008
  29. This is What Denial Does
  30. A Refrigerator that Runs Without Electricity
  31. Genetically Modified Foods Unsafe? Evidence that Links GM Foods to Allergic Responses Mounts
  32. The Other Bail-Out
  33. Hooray for the Water Buffalo!
  34. Vetiver Grass – A Hedge Against Erosion
  35. Food Miles, or ‘Fair Miles’
  36. Permaculture (and why it is my new way…)
  37. Phosphorus Matters II – Keeping Phosphorus on Farms
  38. How to Turn Astringent Persimmons into Enchanting Natural Confections, Japanese Style
  39. Wonder Weeds
  40. Monsanto Runs Into Wall. Yes!!
  41. Food Forests Across America
  42. Transforming Your Urban Backyard
  43. Humanure Handbook – Free Download
  44. Letters from Melbourne – Cam and Jesse’s Urban Retreat
  45. In the Transition to Self-sufficiency, Suburban Food Gardens Have a Role to Play
  46. The Roots of Change – in Ourselves, or Government and Industry?
  47. Orchestrating Famine – a Must-Read Backgrounder on the Food Crisis
  48. Joel Salatin and the Expression of Chickenness
  49. Building a Sustainable Economy
  50. Beyond Peak Oil and Climate Change
  51. When Population Growth and Resource Availability Collide
  52. Efficient Glasshouse Design
  53. An Ocean of Unknown
  54. Jean Pain Composting – All the Energy You Need, From the Garden
  55. Money as Debt
  56. Compost miracles
  57. Pandemic Ahoy?
  58. Permaculture Miracles in the Austrian Mountains
  59. Taking a Quick Peek at Djanbung Gardens
  60. Permaculture Samoa
  61. Chia: Crop Potential and Uses
  62. A Better Way to Make Money
  63. The Food Crisis Spurs Gene Patenting Race
  64. Permablitz Hysteria – Bring it On!
  65. Rich Nations Buying Up Land in Poor Countries at Escalating Rate
  66. Staring at the Future from the Top of the Slippery Slide
  67. Life at Zaytuna – Getting Rid of Wi-Fi
  68. Tackling Urban Water Runoff in a Sydney Suburb
  69. The Rocket Powered Shower
  70. World Geothermal Power Generation Nearing Eruption
  71. The Knights Carbonic
  72. Street Orchards for Community Security
  73. Keyline Design – Mark IV
  74. The Global Spread of GMO Crops
  75. Life at Zaytuna – Trees, Trees, and More Trees
  76. The Mathematics that Contemporary Economics Ignores
  77. Letters from Vietnam – Ke Village
  78. Europe’s Uprising Against GMOs and Patents on Life
  79. French Drains for Urban Storm-water Infiltration
  80. Each Step is the Way – Part I
  81. Carbon Trading – and What Should Be on the Negotiating Table at Copenhagen
  82. Permaculture Main Crops of Special Importance – Salad Mallow
  83. The Crash Course
  84. Open Letter to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown: “GM crops will not feed the world”
  85. The One Duck Revolution
  86. Rosella Waters – Earthworks Phase 1, Part A
  87. Build a Banana Circle
  88. The World According to Monsanto
  89. Letters from Sri Lanka – The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, and the Ten Basic Needs
  90. BK Farmyards – a Subversive Urban Farming Concept
  91. World Energy Outlook 2009 Report Released, as Senior IEA Employees Blow Whistle
  92. Keyline Swales – a Geoff Lawton/Darren Doherty Hybrid
  93. Vuon – Ao – Chuong – The Traditional Vietnamese Farm
  94. Drumstick Tree
  95. Community-Based Rainforest Restoration Work is Huge Success in Borneo
  96. The Video Shell Doesn’t Want You to See
  97. Cold, High and Dry: Traditional Agriculture in Ladakh
  98. Pay Monsanto, or Starve
  99. 18-Day Compost – the Appliance of Science
  100. A Civilisational Tipping Point
  101. Jerusalem Artichokes – like Diamonds, are Forever
  102. Letters from Sri Lanka – Does Sarvodaya Hold the Secrets to Systemic Change?
  103. The Oil Intensity of Food
  104. Why ‘Increased Energy Efficiency’ Won’t Save Us
  105. Planting Trees and Managing Soils to Sequester Carbon
  106. Life at Zaytuna – Rainy Days
  107. Michael Jackson – Earth Song
  108. BR-319 – Amazon’s Highway to Hell
  109. Scrap It
  110. Phases of Abundance
  111. Food Futures Now – Feeding People & Place Without Fossil Fuels
  112. A Farm for the Future
  113. Veiling Our True Predicament – Global Dimming
  114. Outdoor Classrooms, A Handbook for School Gardens
  115. Porkine Putridity in Profusion
  116. The Gospel of Consumption
  117. The Gold Coast’s First Permablitz!
  118. The Peasants Are Revolting
  119. Norway’s Eco-Prison
  120. A Better Way of Making a Living


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