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Serco – the “Biggest Company You’ve Never Heard Of”

One of our readers provided a link to the following video in a recent comment. I thought it was worth putting it up as a post itself. A perfect example of why I spend time examining options for a ‘third way’, that doesn’t allow centralisation to occur.


It these kind of trends don’t wake us up, what will?


  1. It is very disturbing. Ok then, who is behind it? What dark figures lurk behind the closed boardroom doors? Lets investigate and expose them.

  2. >>Lets investigate and expose them.

    It serves almost no purpose to do so, and is almost impossible anyway. These things should just be a warning to us, and motivate us to build relocalised systems that make it impossible for such organisations to get so big, so centralised, and so fully in control of every aspect of our lives.

    As studied here, corporations have a legal obligation to work in their own interests. This translates to corporations always striving to grow, centralise and become all-powerful. Individuals have little value to them, unless they are dependable users of their services (whether products, which are normally destructive to people and place, or a service, like a prison, for example…).

    Historically, centralisation always ends in tears. And at the rate we’re going, if it continues, most aspects of our lives will be managed and capitalised on by just a few companies. (Theoretically, as mergers and buyouts continue, the world could ultimately come to be run by just one single company.)

    The irony is that the recession that is caused by all this centralisation, actually creates even more centralisation – the small companies go under and the large companies gobble them up – they buy out their struggling competition. We see this with every industry from airlines to fast food.

    Mainstream social change can dismantle these companies wholesale.

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