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Frank’s Shovel, and Day 8 at Copenhagen Update

Editor’s Note: This is a repost from Marc Roberts at Throbgoblins. Be sure to comment and encourage our Frank in his permaculture ambitions. We’d certainly love to see him taking regular breaks from his passionate activist endeavours to recharge in nature and build some resiliency for himself against these troubled times. (But please, please, no making fun of his thirty five year old singlet….)

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Courtesy: Throbgoblins

This cartoon was a response to a suggestion by Craig Mackintosh of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia – who has been a valued supporter of Frank over the years. Craig points out that what should be on the negotiating table at Copenhagen is:

  • How to build a participatory democracy network (see here, here, here and here) that ensures full bottom-up representation and information-sharing and which encourages participation. (The information-sharing aspect involves shifting, carefully, from a competition mindset – everyone working in their own self-interest, which is the basis of capitalism – to everyone working cooperatively for the good of all.)
  • How to conserve remaining oil supplies and to best use what’s left to speed a transition to a post-fossil fuel society, and to commit to leaving newly discovered oil in the ground
  • How to invest in re-educating the masses worldwide in sustainable farming practices appropriate for their own climate and soil type
  • How to invest in re-educating the masses in all the other activities crucial for our existence (like localised clothing manufacturing, passive solar buildings, etc.)
  • How to shape policies to incentivise a resurgence in small scale polycultures (and how to accommodate the above through a staged and bloodless land redistribution) rather than the ‘get big or get out’ agricultural policies we’ve had over the last several decades
  • How to shift funds from the present subsidising of large profit based corporations into financing small research centres in different microclimates to study and improve agricultural and other life-critical systems, for the public good
  • How to carefully stage the above steps so our present vulnerable, globalised system doesn’t experience wholesale collapse during the transition, with its associated famine, disease, war and a return to violence based feudalism, etc. The emphasis here needs to be on broad spectrum education
  • How to keep nations working cooperatively to achieve all the above
  • … etc. etc.

Here is day eight at Copenhagen. Problems with uploading solved by someone pointing me at the right button. A pdf, as ever, and a jpg below.

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  1. Based on the experience of the last decade or two of the international strategies for dealing with Global Issues, one approach the “G- whatever” could take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions would be to seriously consider a radical overhaul of the way they organise and participate in these so-called Global Summits – as everybody knows the main product of these meetings seems to be just more and more hot air escaping into the atmosphere.

    i don’t know whether Al Gore made the suggestion that the Climate Change talks be held in six months in Mexico with his tongue-in-cheek, but it makes good sense. Instead of all these negotiators getting a nice winter holiday in Denmark, send them all to Mexico in the middle of Summer (and let them feel what it may be like in twenty, thirty, forty or so years for their children and grandchildren, if not ourselves).

    Arnold Schwartznegger has basically come out and stated what basically most of the world is probably thinking – and that is that the issue of Climate Change, Global Warming or whatever people prefer to call it (i prefer to view the whole issue in the same way permaculturalists view a weed: something that is in the system that a beneficial use just hasn’t been found for yet ), anyways, Schwartznegger suggested that the Climate Change Issue is not just a National issue and that States, and regional governments, leaders and councils could do more and should – and so he has suggested a (wait for it).. A Global Summit (more hot air perhaps?) of Regional, Sub-Regional leaders etc… Can the Austrian Oak pull it off, and do his namesakes proud in providing an effective forum and action at the state, regional and sub-regional levels across the world to address the abundance of Greenhouse Gases affecting the Global Climate and levels of Ocean Acidity?

    I will not be holding my breath just yet, despite the obvious Greenhouse benefits – If we all do not play our part, pretty soon we may no longer have a choice in the matter.

  2. Im sorry to say, global warming is a hoax. For the past year now here in the United States there has been record low temperatures throughout the states.
    To make up for the low temperature i believe that is the reason why they are spraying chemtrails(aluminum/barium particles) worldwide. I am no longer harvesting rain water because of this for fear of concentrating aluminum in my garden. Test have been conducted in north California and results show levels of aluminum/barium way beyond state and federal standards in the water supply.

    Global warming is a scam to bring about World Government. They are using CO2 as a way to tax people. $100 tax per cow. $10 tax for each mile you drive(all new cars will be equipped with satellite tracking devices), poop tax each time you use the restroom, tax on the number of children you have, electric meters that will track and tax…

    The real inconvenient truth, the whole world needs to adopt China’s one child policy. They, the global elite want a planetary regime to reduce humans. A global police state government to carry out the orderly extermination of 80-90% of the worlds population. That is the reason why GMO foods came about. Farmers in the us are reporting that pig are not reproducing when fed GM corn/soy. Some pigs are even giving birth to bags of water! Reports are even showing sperm count in males are lower then they were 10 years ago.
    Now that the U.S. has set up a puppet government in Iraq all farms are now forced to grow GMO crops or their land will be taken away.

    The Copenhagen summit is all about eugenics, if implemented in the first decade 1 billion people will be killed through starvation alone. Obama appointed John Holdren as his science czar for a reason. He co-authored a book in 1977 called Ecoscience that advocates for extreme totalitarian measures to control the population.

    Here in the U.S. people are getting into organic gardening and self sufficiency, it seems like everyone is talking about it. Patriot groups are forming across the country stocking up on freeze dried foods, guns/bullets, gold/silver coins and forming small communities. My desire to live off the grid for the changes that are taking place is the reason why i became interested in Permaculture.

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