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PRI at the Markets

Jay Kimber at the stall

Recently Zaytuna Farm, home base for the Permaculture Research Institute, took their surplus produce and information to the (very) local craft and produce market in the Channon, situated less than 2 km from the farm.

Our produce was picked the morning of the market and again half way through the day as the super-fresh silver-beet demands were higher than expected. Holy cabbages were also a huge hit, as the market goers exclaimed that "what better cabbage is one certified organic by the slugs!"

As the institute is a centre for education we chose to integrate permaculture information into the stall – books, DVDs and magazines gave people access to information about permaculture and the PRI.

The most rewarding part of the day was the conversations. Many great people wondered into our stall and stayed, sharing with us their stories and hearing ours. Many great connections were made with inspiring people of the community. People showed very enthusiastic interest in what we were doing. Others, particularly locals, were thrilled to find out for themselves what PRI was all about.

The day was a success, selling most of the produce and trading the rest, meeting the community, passionate conversation, and new friends. The stall was a great way to wrap up my internship at PRI. By linking to the community I learnt about real food security and how amazing it feels to freely share information.

A permanent culture is not possible without community. This is a very important realisation. Remember to share your surplus and strive to make strong friendly connections with others whilst doing so.

As a part of the new internship program at the Permaculture Research Institute, interns will also be involved in running a stall at the Channon markets, to experience for themselves the importance of talking about what they have learnt and experiencing the power of community to inspire them to take permaculture into their communities when they return home.


  1. Awesome work Jay and Johnny!!! Sharing is Caring!!!
    Its a great feeling to complete the circle…
    propagation, planting, picking and then getting that yummy organic produce into peoples bellies! :)

  2. Only wish I was there!
    Love the feeling of those local markets…..As Siobhan said, well done on completing the local circle for PRI :)

  3. Great idea! Sharing permaculture with your neighbors will help get more people involved and will generate more support for the organization. Likewise, it’s a good project for interns to manage and through which to gain some experience.

  4. The ongoing disemination of information, (books, DVDs etc) is a fantastic tool for personal and collective empowerement health and ultimatly life satisfaction

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