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Letters from Jordan – a Few Pics

I mentioned a few days ago that I’m pretty tied up shooting and editing a short video. I still am. I hope you’re not getting grumpy with me for not posting. By way of a small peace offering, I offer up this post – with a few pics (from my sorely neglected still camera), and even fewer words.

All photographs © Craig Mackintosh


Geoff like you’ve never seen him before – six guns at the ready
(in this case, in the form of laptop, multiboard, projector, and even Nadia’s handbag).
Be prepared for a fright if you toss something into one of those trash cans at night.
Invariably one or two cats immediately leap out to scare you out of your sandals.





And, in case our readers think we stay in plush accommodations whilst on location,
here’s my quarters. The little stool the laptop is sitting on arrived by special
request after I moved in. Yes, I can be demanding. And no, the fan doesn’t work,
so I’m using it to hang my barely-larger-than-a-hankerchief sized towel to dry
after a cold bucket ‘shower’.



  1. re: accommodations – it looks clean, bright, screens on the window, no pooled water anywhere, paved floor – I am betting it could be lots worse!

    Lovely photos!

  2. Craig: yikes – I would rather go in the bushes than in an enclosed outhouse or “in-house” if its constructed in a way that I can not sit “properly” – I know I would be a big baby on your travels for just that reason!

    Love the work you all are doing! I would be right there helping but am not in a position to.

  3. Just discovered your fine work. This is the leadership the world needs. I’m doing my utmost to spread this around the net.

    Thank you.

  4. Here’s hoping the roof doesn’t leak. I traveled the world for 20 years as a sound recordist & carmera assistant/researcher/producer of natural history wildlife films and have slept in MUCH worse. Be grateful there are no bedbugs, etc. Can relate to the ‘loo’ comment, sometimes the out of doors is preferred. There is an art to taking a bucket bath.
    Warm Regards & Good Luck

  5. Those were really beautiful pics, and I bet Craig has much more surprises coming. I just want to say that Craig is one of the hardest working deeply committed guys I’ve ever known, I was there and I can tell you that he barely slept or even sat down, always working surfing the place taking photos chasing events shooting videos visiting places collecting data and so on.
    And for the accommodations not that comfortable and bathrooms not that …whatever :) and all the 6-8-12-24…legged creatures, no offense man may be that was the least suffering that a man can take for such a great purpose!! it was a great pleasure and an honer knowing all of you guys, you, Geoff, Nadia and everybody else. That was a great useful peaceful informative unique experience in every way!

    Thanks Craig and keep on doing the good work.

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