Calling All Musos! Care to Help a Good Cause?

I thought I’d put a call out to the greater Permaculture community, and ask for a bit of support. As regular readers may have noticed, I’ve been writing and taking photos for the site for a little while now (a bit over a year actually – whew, time flies). Of late I’ve also been delving into video a little, as we’re such a multimedia driven world.

Anyway, where I’m running into headaches is in getting copyright-free music I can use with video clips. I’m sure some of you are dab hands at playing music of one kind or another, and some of you may be keen to put your hand up and help us out in this department.

As you’ll know, we’re training people in Permaculture, with a specific focus of getting people into Aid Projects worldwide. As such, we can’t offer financial compensation, but would of course credit you clearly in all videos made using your work.

I’m looking for different styles of music, to suit different clips. Ideally they’d be in MP3 format, and recorded somewhere where your little Johnny and the neighbour’s dog aren’t contributing as well! Also, we’d request at least an email stating the work is your own, and that we (PRI) have permission to use it without cost in promoting our endeavours.

If you think you can help out, please send me an email – editor (at) – with details.

We look forward to sharing a lot more of our work via video in the near future!


  1. peace craig!
    permie from california, i compose and produce ambient hip hop and electronic music, (
    how can you send some samples?
    my most recent big project was the soundtrack to ‘Free Land,’ a live hip hop theater experience: an expose of the history of genocide and ecological destruction here in the good ole US of A… …(…
    viva permaculture!

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