Introduction to Permaculture Design DVD


  1. We are going to put in a request at our local library here in Holland to acquire a copy – can I suggest that everyone also do so?? If enough people ask, they will go get copies! then the DVD’s are sitting for even more people to come across.
    Cheers, Chloe

  2. This DVD has English subtitles only. Do request a copy at your local Library. Many libraries here in Australia and the United States have already ordered previous titles. Ring your local library and get them to order a copy. If there is enough demand we could make it downloadable for a nominal small fee but its not something we plan to do soon.

  3. I’ve asked for two gifts this holiday season: David Holmgren’s Collected Writings eBook, and Geoff’s Introduction to Permaculture Design DVD! I’ve introduced several friends to permaculture with varying degrees of success, and think this video might be just what I need. Geoff is a great teacher!

    By the way, who is that shady character always lurking about the “dam” at Zaytuna?

    Walla Walla, Washington, USA

  4. I hope that this DVD arrives before I go to Jordan next month for my PDC with Geoff.
    Can’t wait to see the DVD. Can’t wait to meet Geoff.

  5. Hello, I just watched the Introduction to Permaculture Design and feel completely enthusiastic!!! I am a Finn living in France but none of may gardener or agricultural friends
    speak English. Is there any hope to get the DVD with French subtitles? With thankful thoughts Reino
    200km southwest from Paris

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