You May Be Eligible for a $1500 Reimbursement on Your Next PDC – Part II

Last week we mentioned that students, if you’re a primary producer (farmer, fisher, forester), of Geoff Lawton’s PDCs run at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms (near Canberra) are now eligible for an AU$1,500 reimbursement through the Department of Agriculture and Foresty’s FarmReady program.

Now I can inform you that the same applies to PDC and Earthworks courses here at Zaytuna Farm as well.

It’s nice to see the Australian Government getting behind sustainability!! ("Supporting primary producers in a changing climate").

Our full course list is here. Courses approved for the FarmReady reimbursement program will have the image above displayed in their respective course description pages.


  1. Fantastic news! Another little step in the right direction as Government realises what has been considered ‘proper farming’ is not going to feed the country in an oil/water-diminishing future.

  2. Hi there,

    How do you claim the $1500? Is it done before the course, after the course? Or do you have to wait and claim it back on your tax?

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