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Rosemary Morrow Opens Her Doors for Sustainable House Day

Leading Permaculturist Rosemary Morrow will open her doors to the public this coming Sunday 13th September for the highly awaited annual Sustainable House Day. The day is an opportunity to meet with Green Assessors and view the many ways that creative individuals have tackled water and energy efficiency and capture, and food production.

Located in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, part of an Australian World Heritage Listed area, Rosemary has tackled the issues of protecting biodiversity and the bushland as well as her own personal food production. She has set out to retrofit a small brick veneer house using mainly low cost locally sourced and recycled materials to show that anyone can convert their "box" into a beautiful and comfortable home without a large income. Her journey has been documented in a small booklet and DVD called "A Good Home Forever". For more information visit The Blue Mountains Permaculture Insititute site.


  1. Note for Rosemary Morrow:
    Hi Ro,
    Heard your interview re your house and all your activities over the past couple decades and thought I’d get in touch to say what a fantastic contribution you’ve made over the past decades. It’s wonderful to hear. To think this is what transpired post-Sancta. What a journey.

    In the meantime I’ve been on my own trajectory that’s included a divorce,teaching English/academic studies to international students and completing a PhD on issues facing international students studying in Australia. Colonisation works at every level, here and overseas, so I related to what you had to say about East Timor and Darwin.

    I know a lot of water has passed under the bridge, but it would be good to talk if you had the time and inclination. In any case, I send my best wishes and keep up the good work!

    Anna (Tuza) Phillips

    1. Hi Anna..this email is a long shot, but I hope it reaches you! I’m currently reading your book, As the Catalina Flies. It belonged to my parents, Stan and Elaine Wigley. Your’s and my parents were good friends in PNG. I would love to be in touch..Lisa (Wigley) Lawrence

  2. Hi Rowe,
    I am happy to report I’m about to launch my first PDC, thanks to YOU! I have a lot of work to do to feel ready, but am really excited. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your inspiration.
    Love always,

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