How to Grow Small Edible Gardens – a Free Short Course

Want to grown your own fresh veggies, but don’t have the space? If you’re on Australia’s Gold Coast, you can avail yourself of a free short course that will help out here:

  • Workshop 1 – Aug 29
    Preparing your garden
    Best methods for designing in small spaces, conducted by Daniel Sheridan, who is a
    Permaculturist from ‘gro’, with expertise in
    designing edible gardens.
  • Workshop 2 – Sept 5
    – Choosing crops for small gardens
    – Companion planting
    – Seasonal crops
    Conducted by Daniel Sheridan.
  • Workshop 3 – Sept 12
    – Organic pest and disease control
    – Worm
    farming and composting
    Conducted by Greg Pevey from ‘Wormtec’ who
    will educate you, in home worm farming, maintenance and reducing household waste.
  • Workshop 4 – Sept 19
    Now what?…into the kitchen.
    Conducted by Justin Sharman-Selvidge who is a Permaculturalist and Chef.

Click here for a tri-fold flyer with location and booking info, etc.


  1. Good idea. Now if only there were similar courses in other locations around australia (including the cold/temperate areas).

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