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Ringo Rides India – Mumbai Mirror Picks Up Story

Do you remember we introduced Ringo’s plans to travel India by Royal Enfield preaching the Pemaculture message as he rides? Well, he’s well on his way now, and the Mumbai Mirror has picked up on our Ringo’s travels:

Right, so this Aussie wants us to stop eating noodles and become a farmer? “No, mate!” he retorts. “But you can at least use open spaces such as the roof of your building or your balcony to nurture herbs and edible plants. Also, with the amount of rainfall you guys get each monsoon, try harvesting a miniscule amount of it and you can make a difference to your community,” he explains. Ringo has macro-level ideas too. “Permaculture can thrive only with the support of governments and businesses. Through creative design, Mumbai’s lakes can become intensive aquaculture systems,” he tells us. It might be impossible to make our megacity self-sufficient, but all Ringo is proposing is that with some technology and infrastructure, we can minimise the food and water woes of Mumbai’s millions. – Mumbai Mirror (click to read full article)

Ringo tells me he’ll be sending a more personal update shortly, so stay tuned….


  1. i am very much impressed by his work & would like to learn this method to apply in my locality too. will u pls help me out how to start with it ,i m staying in mumbai , how can i contact with mr.Ringo?

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