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Permaculture Food Gardening Course – July 2009

Geoff discusses soil structure and biology with students

Gardening is increasingly popular now as food and job security are becoming real issues, and learning from highly experienced Permaculturists is a great way to save yourself a lot of time and frustration! Our latest weekend Permaculture Food Gardening Course is underway. We have 12 students on this great two-day educational excursion – a course that aims for a 50/50 mix of class time and outdoor instruction and practice.

We’re finding that we get quite a few people who have already completed a PDC coming along, as this course offers more on-the-ground practical advice that can help progress learning and give new Permaculturists extra confidence as they make a start in their yards.

At only $330 the course is an extremely affordable way to make sure you get on a productive track right from the start. This year we won’t be running more of these courses at Zaytuna farm, as we’re concentrating on increasing our infrastructure so must necessarily reduce the number of courses we’re running. But, on the 1st and 2nd of August Geoff and Nadia will be taking the course at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms (near Canberra). There are still a few seats left, so jump on these quick!


  1. Thanks for an inspiring and practical weekend! We’ve already made a new compost pile. We’ve been learning from books for a couple of years now and stumbling along in the garden. One weekend with Geoff and Nadia has joined the dots in our disjointed knowledge. Now we know what to do, why we’re doing it and how to adapt when something doesn’t work. Perhaps the most important thing we learnt was not to be paralysed by all the different rules various books give on gardening and get out there and try things.

  2. Very inspiring! The weekend was a great combination of practical and classroom learning. Understanding the scientific basis for the practice has given me the confidence to invest in this style of agriculture. A great way to look after God’s good earth, and see the immense global potential for developing nations.

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