Life at Zaytuna – June 2009 PDC Begins

A lily blooms on the dam. Photos copyright © Craig Mackintosh
In between classes, students get to enjoy the beautiful environs at Zaytuna.
What better way to stimulate the mind on the topic at hand: how to work with nature.

This year we’re running less courses than usual, only because we hope to soon concentrate on the construction of several new straw bale student cabins that will improve facilities and enlarge capacity for subsequent courses. But, our scheduled June Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course has just got underway and is off to a great start.

We have 24 eager students, coming from diverse locations – the majority from Australia, others from the UK, Canada, Singapore, the U.S. of A. and Abu Dhabi.

The straw bale ‘hexagon’ hosts the class.
They’re a nice bunch – from very varied backgrounds. News over the last few years
on environmental and financial realities are bringing all sorts out of people
out of the woodwork to get involved in Permaculture, and none to soon….

Geoff has a way of presenting topics that keeps students highly engaged

Students and staff chow down on some tasty and wholesome food at lunchtime

A dew covered flower of the tephrosia genus

It’s rewarding to see class numbers steadily growing, despite our running more courses over the last year than we ever have before.

In between classes and in the evening, students mix with longer term interns to the benefit of both. As interns share knowledge and answer questions, it reinforces what they’ve learned and improves their ability to formulate and frame their experiences in a way that is easier understood.

Unlike in a city-based learning environment, here students can wander the farm – observing and considering practical applications of what they’re being taught in the class. The two-week experience becomes a combination of learning experience, holiday, and opportunity for personal regeneration.

If you’re thinking to get make a start in Permaculture, taking a PDC is the best way to do so. Keep an eye on our course listings for future PDCs.

Today’s class ended as the sun set on Zaytuna Farm


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  1. This is really encouraging, the guys looks like they’re really enjoying there time regardless Geoff’s face that looks full of faith and hope, and of course the Zaytuna beauty that I’ve always heard of. May be in the near future I can visit this beautiful part of the world, but at the mean time I plan attending Al Jawfa class in October.
    I’m new to Permaculture, though in a very short time I became a huge fan of Permaculture and of both Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton; I already believe that Permacultur is a must for a better future.


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