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Life at Zaytuna – Potato Storage Tip

Mmm…. I don’t know about you, but potatoes are one of my favourite foods. Here at Zaytuna we were a tad late in potato planting, so we’re having to cover our potato rows at night – as even here in the sub-tropics we’re getting some winter frosts. A couple more weeks and we should have a good crop to harvest – which will add to all the sweet potatoes and pumpkins we’ve already gleaned from the soil.

Anyway, here’s a tip on storing seed potatoes for future planting – simply layer them in a container with dry sawdust. Easy.


  1. Hi Craig, thanks for the tip. I am located in South East Queensland, Australia which is within sub-tropical climate (no frosts). My potatoes are going well so far and now I am wondering if it is possible to have more than one harvest per year in my area?

    Also, what is your advice regarding certified seeds only for planting? Thing is if the guano hits the fan – where will the certified seeds come from?

    Thanks again,
    Matt Luthi

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