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Oil and the Darfur Conflict

In a bid to join the dots a little further after the previous post, here’s an additional clip. This one is shot a couple of countries east, in southern Sudan, where oil is lubricating and fueling one of the worst conflicts in modern history.

To learn more about the direct links between oil and the horrific atrocities in Sudan, head here.



  1. Sorry about the comment on the link. It just worked now. Thank you for this video. There’s nothing like watching first hand, how the people in the area are doing.

    Kudos and hope to see more work in this are.

  2. Thankyou for this – so Darfur was the precusor to Iraq. Car-running on blood. We gave up our car seven months ago, when we actually sat down for a minute & had a cold, hard look at the ‘cost’ to the environment & poor-people around the world.
    It seems that every barrel of oil costs the same in human blood & the earths atmosphere.
    we were only ashamed that it took us so long to stop owning a car. Cars are actually the true -weapons of mass destruction’. And we motorists are the arms-dealers.

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