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Compost & Compost Tea Workshop

A workshop in the utilization of local “waste” in providing all the required nutrients for productive systems, with Paul Taylor.

FarmReady Approved Course ID# FRTC0185

July 18th – July 19th 2009. 09:00-17:00 with lunch break

Malanda • Atherton Tablelands • Far North Queensland

$265 for 2 Days Incl. Morning & Afternoon Tea & Lunch

Topics include:

  • Making “backyard compost”
  • The principles of compost tea
  • Compost tea brewers
  • Creating beneficial soil biology
  • Making commercial amounts of high-value compost from dairy and feedlot waste, using a tractor driven compost turner
  • and much more….

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the benefits of a management system based in beneficial soil biology from compost. Use less water and reduce your need of fertilizer!

Click here for a PDF with full details on the course.


  1. this is certainly a “not to be missed course” as it takes the mystery out of compost making and teaches how to make quality compost tea in a simple and effective way. This understanding gives you the confidence to use compost and compost tea as the basis of a sustainable management system, relying on soil microbes to be able to supply the nutrient needs of productive plants in a remarkably cost effective way. Every year the soil improves, every year the soil has more structure, and every year the soil has more organic matter…one of thje essential keys to sustainable management. regards: Paul Taylor

  2. When I took my PDC from Geoff he pointed the group Dr. Elaine Ingham and to ASAP in Australia for their advanced work in compost and aerated compost tea. Since Geoff’s PDC I made a pilgrimage to Oregon to take a workshop with Dr. Elaine Ingham. The sophistication of her Soil Foodweb work and methods blew my mind and changed the way I approach permaculture. She also mentioned the great work of ASAP and Paul Taylor. I’m gonna make a provocative statement here not intended to insult anyone…many PDC graduates don’t really understand how to make high quality biologically active compost/teas for specific soil and plant combinations. I can’t say how many times I’ve heard people say that compost takes 2-3 weeks to make. Yes, a certain compost is made but is it the one for your project’s soil and plant combinations? THE fundamental “mainframe” patterns of permaculture that Geoff talks about are soil and water. If you don’t get them right, your permaculture work is disabled and working uphill. I live in Mexico, otherwise I’d be signing up for Paul’s workshop. I’d encourage permaculture folks in the Malanda area to take this workshop.

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