Monsanto Invents the Pig

It’s amazing what humankind can do with a little effort and ingenuity. Who’da thought we could create an intelligent, four legged creature with a curly tail, that actually walks and makes cute grunting noises?

Stand by to be horrified at the lengths Big Biotech will go to take over the world’s food supplies. You’ll also be shocked to learn that pig and cattle farmers are seeing their livestock go sterile due to giving them genetically modified feed.

Without further ado, I introduce Monsanto – inventors of the pig….

Duration: 43 minutes

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  1. This is a very disturbing story. But what can people do? Perhaps we need an organized, worldwide campaign against GMOs. Does anyone have any idea as to how we can stop this madness?

    1. Do not give your vote to any democrat or republican. Find the third path.
      Do not buy meat or corn, that are not good for your health any way.
      No political support and no marked, then no more Monsanto and the alike

  2. Hi Rene – check out the last link in the ‘Further Reading’ section of this article. Essentially, you only need a small percentage of consumers to boycott any products that may contain GMOs, and you’ll soon see the supermarkets cease to stock them – thus putting these… er… bastards out of business.

  3. I’m sure there would be a few honest employees in Monsanto (globally at least) who wouldn’t mind becoming whistle-blowers and expose Monsanto’s unethical practices and provide true test data. Such companies should be dismantled and composted.

    Nothing would work better than a commercial boycott of their products and social boycott of their people. They can’t fight against that.

  4. Shishir – I’ve thought a lot about the need to bulldoze the buildings of this company, and others like it, but never considered what to do after that. Composting the remains sounds like a brilliant option.

  5. It makes me feel ill, knowing that most of us tacitly support a system that is based on poisoning the Earth and torturing animals – those that we don’t eradicate, that is.
    All power to the permaculture and organic farming movements.

  6. Why have these morally corrupt individuals not been sent to prison for crimes against humanity and the company shut down?

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