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Assistance/Consultations for Establishment of New Permaculture Projects

Because of increasing interest and demand for help in setting up new Permaculture projects worldwide, we’ve just added a couple of new documents to the site that will help get your started thinking at a practical level, and that will help us to engage in meaningful conversation with you as you seek to establish your own project.

  1. Advice and/or Resources: If you’re seeking help for your site, please complete our project questionnaire and email it to info (at) in the first instance. This is designed to gather information about potential projects before you make contact so that our initial conversations can be more situation specific.
  2. Timeline: You are also encouraged to read our timeline for project establishment as it will help focus your thought and energy on a practical, logical progression for establishment.

Although this post will slide down out of view – links to these documents can always be found via our Contact Us page. Also, these documents will likely get fleshed out more over time.


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