Women’s Only PDC in Far North Queensland with Rosemary Morrow

Sunday 29th November – Sunday 13th December 2009
Walkamin • Near Cairns • Far North Queensland

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take part in a very special two week Women’s Only Permaculture Design Certificate Course, taught by one of the best, internationally renowned teachers in the world. Rosemary is the acclaimed author of “The Earth Users Guide to Permaculture” and a role model for all aspiring female Permaculturists. This rare Women’s Only event promises to be an opportunity not to be missed. The course will incorporate intensive theory and practice in all aspects of Permaculture Design. This course is being held at FreeRange Permaculture’s demonstration site “Rosella Waters”, a stunning 6 acres situated right on the banks of the Barron River.

Click here for full details (226kb PDF).


  1. I personally feel that any “… only” course goes against the permaculture ethic and just seems illogical.

    But thats just me…

  2. Well.
    I can assume that you are man then?
    Im very sorry you feel that way Floyd. Women only spaces generally exist because straight, white, men have privileges that they cannot believe or accept, exist. …And therefore cannot give them up.
    The only opportunity for some insidiously oppressed people is in spaces away from their oppressors.
    Think about it.

  3. It is important that we cater for all people in their present comfort zone that they are intending to move from or are moving from towards our direction so that together we can all be part of the solution moving together in unity towards a common goal.
    The importance is that we have good intentions to our collective efforts towards the greater good.

    There are no assumptions, judgements or predispositions in nature.

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