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More Nails in Satire’s Coffin

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Courtesy: Throbgoblins

Truth is far stranger and dumber than fiction.

Noel Lynch brought the Tesco idiocy to my attention thus:

Today’s Guardian has a half page advert for TESCO. It is headed ‘Turn lights into flights’. It shows a low energy light bulb and says that if you buy it you can get a clubcard voucher that you can turn into 60 Airmiles. So save a small amount of energy by buying a low energy light bulb and then consume a large amount of energy by flying an extra 60 miles. Doh

Quite so.

The Earth Hour folk also drop a bollock with Alanis – really quite breathtakingly numb of them:

Alanis promotes Earth Hour, from… er… an aeroplane…

And, the Masters of the Universe would rather not be regulated, thankyouverymuch.

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