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Homegrown Revolution

Most of you will be familiar with the fantastic work of the Dervaes family, with their little ‘urban homestead’ in California. They are truly blazing a ‘path to freedom’ that we can all aspire to and follow – producing enormous quantities of food in a sustainable way on a handkerchief-sized plot of land just metres from a Los Angeles freeway.

The family recently put together a short DVD for a lecture at UCLA. It’s called ‘Homegrown Revolution‘. It’s an inspiring watch, so I’ve embedded it below.

The Dervaes family has been busy on other fronts too. This year they started Freedom Seeds, offering open-pollinated, non-Monsanto owned seeds, and last year they launched Freedom Gardens, an online social network for backyard gardens, which is really taking off with some great information being exchanged amongst gardeners from around the world.



  1. Craig. I read somewhere recently that we as a civilization are kinda between stories, still a little uncertain as to what our modern story actually is. Hopefully the Dervaes story and many others to come will help to solidify and inspire a new story for us all. I will definately use this clip in one of my classes. Thanks for your effort.


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