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PRI Training Centre Development Plans Approved

Zaytuna Farm

Good news people! We’ve just received local council approval on our development plans, which means we can move forward with our intention to improve the facilities and increase the capacity of our Permaculture training facility at PRI headquarters at Zaytuna Farm, close to The Channon village, in Northern NSW, Australia.

Up until now, accommodation for courses has been camping only, and facilities have been somewhat rudimentary. Once this development is complete we’ll have improved facilities for the campsite and five straw bale cabins as well!

I’ll put the design plans below so you can check ’em out.

Please note – getting these approved is just the first step. Now we’ve got to get the thing built! It’s a fairly expensive endeavour – so if any generous souls would like to contribute, we would greatly appreciate it! Interest in our courses is running at an all time high, and we anticipate this to be a growing trend in the face of all that is happening worldwide. Geoff will be doing his darndest to avoid taking on international consultancies now – concentrating instead on the new wider range of courses we now offer. The bigger, better facilities will enable us to get even more fired-up Permaculturists out there and involved in establishing new projects (aid projects, or otherwise), as per our ‘Permaculture Master Plan‘.

Click images below to see larger version:


  1. Can you elaborate more on the building designs? I’d imagine a lot of thought went in to them, but it’s hard to tell from those renderings. What’s going on in terms of passive solar, greywater, etc.? What are the plans for landscaping around them?

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Zaytuna Farm, I very much look forward to seeing the changes when I get back! Very exciting stuff. Well done. Hope you are all abundantly well.

  3. great! what options are there to help out? id love to volunteer my time to help and in the process learn a little about strawbale building. is the construction being run as a course?

  4. Hi guys,
    The plans look great, you will have a great facility there when it is finished.

    At the moment the disabled toilet doesn’t seem to comply with regulations. You might want to check circulation around the fixtures and also the door.

  5. To view the plans in detail click one of them and it will then expand then click the expanded view and it will expand even closer for a much closer view.
    We have a reed bed grey water system for all grey water and all toilets are composting, electricity will be all solar and hot water will be solar with wood stove back up.
    Landscaping will be a stylish esthetic endemic and none endemic food forest blended with seasonally deciduously shaded open space edged with scented and medicinal herbal borders.
    We hope to run multiple workshops during many of the construction phases.

  6. hello everyone, after much planning and a whole lot of work and help, this is becoming a reality… well done geoff and nadia and everyone that has helped with this journey… best wishes paul taylor

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