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The WHO Farm (The White House Organic Farm)

Imagine a United States President that was aware – aware of Peak Oil (and all that this means for our ability to feed ourselves), aware of Peak Soil, aware of Peak Water, aware of the health implications of industrial agriculture, a system that locks us into a cycle of stupidity and is doomed to fail us in every way. Imagine a President that realised that we’re facing an economic and environmental crisis without precedent, where consumer demands will soon become far simpler than they have been – where the desire for cheap electronics and holidays is already giving way to the more pressing need to put affordable food on the table. Such a President might be tempted to set an example to his nation (and, indeed, the world) with the land at his disposal, might he not?

During WWII, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt planted a large Victory Garden on the White House lawn, inspiring millions of Americans by her example. If ever there was a time to inspire citizens with the potential of their lawns to solve a great many problems – now is that time!

Click here to sign the petition to urge the Obamas to ‘Eat the View’.


  1. What a complete waste of time and energy!
    Oblama is a puppet, just like Bush, they all work for the same people!
    The day Oblama was inaugurated; the US killed 24 people in Afghanistan, Nice Start!
    The US is a two party dictatorship; Republicans & Democrats are the SAME people!
    Wake up World, You’ve all been duped!
    Green Activist = Terrorist
    Sign the petition and get your details on the list!

  2. Thanks Truth Speaker,

    My your parents Mr. and Mrs Speaker sure had intentions when they named you. How much time and energy did leaving your comment take. Probably longer then signing the petition. I personally don’t think the petition will do anything either but if people do then leave them to there illusions and lets keep this space positive. The almighty eye sees all anyway. There is far too much work to be done to worry about all this nonsense. Plus being scared is just too damn boring.


  3. my comment took about 5 minutes to leave. I like to reread a few times and think about it before posting….this one took 25 seconds…for the record.

  4. Love the video and not to say that there couldn’t be more gardens planted at the White House, but Michelle Obama did start a kitchen garden six years ago that supplies food for the White House (again, there is probably room for more) and a pollinator garden. It is also used to promote healthy eating habits by inviting children from local schools to participate.
    I think the Obamas deserve some credit for that effort.

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