Gaia University, One Step West Towards Oceania in April 2009

Ecoescuela El Manzano in the heartland of Biobio, Chile will host Gaia University (GU) International for a series of world shaping events in 2009;

Both will be facilitated by Liora Adler and Andy Langford, supported by our local team of emerging young leaders, designers, and teachers from Ecoescuela and Instituto de Permacultura Chile.

We want you to be part of this experience; designing and creating a global learning community, a network of living campuses, projects and people applying solutions that work, mobilising communities, leading the way towards a sustainable future.

An Invitation to join us in Chile

We are seeking to gather pioneer groups of talented and capable people with relevant experience to form regional core organising groups for a new education and teaching paradigm, applying the Gaia University model as a foundation for indigenous systems in Chile, Latin America, and in New Zealand and Australia.

We are looking for; people committed to world change through practice that exemplifies the transformation they wish to see in the world, social entrepreneurs passionate about the role of learning in the coming global transition.

We know it will be a big effort for you to travel to Chile. We will make it as easy as possible for you to join us. Contact Ecoescuela today.

Creating a Global Learning Community

At this point in time the GU orientation can only be taken in the northern hemisphere, in Germany or the USA, and is exclusively available in English. Our driving objective is to make these qualifications available to the Spanish speaking world, and to support the development of GU regional centres throughout Latin America and Oceania.

Here in Chile we are working in collaboration with Gaia University, The Permaculture Research Institute, and the Transition Towns network to build a living university; a 120 hectare farm, school and community organising for resilience, equipping people to work in their own communities developing world changing projects.

Our primary role as a Regional Organising Group (ROG) is to design and implement whole regional strategies of transition, to energise learning communities, identify, gather and develop a network of capable advisors, specialists and mentors who can support new learners in their journey to become leaders in eco-social regeneration.

Join us on the ground as part of this innovative project.

Implementing Sustainability on the Ground

We see vast unrealised potential in Chile, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand to rapidly advance the vision of resilient and sustainable communities all around the world, taking responsibility and determining our own destiny — by design.

There are many centres and organisations, groups and individuals working towards this vision that can be energised by an organised community of action learners, mentors and advisors to bring sustainability to the mainstream.

In particular there is a generation of young people emerging from the mainstream education system who are looking for alternative education that supports their ambitions to work in world changing enterprise. We are nurturing the structures and processes to support them. This is the Permaculture Master Plan in Action.

GU Degrees of Freedom

Gaia University offers a unique approach to higher learning by offering students (Associates) access to accredited Bachelors and Masters degrees and Graduate Diplomas whilst the Associate is actively engaged in self and planetary transformation.

Linking your ideals with self-directed practical experience, you act as a world changer, working for local and global sustainability and regeneration, justice and peace.

Our self-directed Action Learning methodology enables you to study locally, at work or on projects, in your own language, supported by Gaia University’s Regional Organizers, and a worldwide network of learning providers, tutors and mentors. No longer do you have to choose between earning a living and studying. With action learning your work and your projects become your places of study; a living university. In this way Gaia University is re-localising higher education.

Take a Deep Dive

Now is the time to take a deep dive into unknown possibilities, headlong into new emerging paradigms. We invite you to join this compelling initiative.

Visit the Gaia University website for further information or to fill an application form on the Admissions and Applications page. Download a Brochure A Year in Gaia U, or Contact GU Today.

For specific information about El Manzano; how to get here, accommodation and food please contact Ecoescuela directly.

Ecoescuela El Manzano
Education & Design for Sustainable Living
Phone: +56-09-74322221
Skype: wholehabitat
Address: Casilla 15 Cabrero Chile
Instituto Chileno de Permacultura

Networking Chile

Permaculture Research Institute
Chaning the World one Site at a time

Transition Towns
Self Organising for Resilience

Gaia University
Degrees of Freedom

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