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PRI Site Info Session at Zaytuna Farm

Geoff and Nadia Lawton have been running highly successful courses at Zaytuna Farm in Northern NSW, Australia, for a few years now. Now, with the pressing need to ramp up the pace of Permaculture education to try to help steer this misguided world onto something resembling a sane path, we’re now working towards improving and enlarging the PRI infrastructure and facilities. Click the image below for a larger view with more info. If you live in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop by on Friday the 16th to get the full scoop on developments.

And, whether you live nearby or not, any contributions to this noble endeavour are greatly appreciated.


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  1. Hi all
    My name is Shafqat Ullah and I am from Pakistan working with an International NGO as Agriculture Coordinator. Currently I am taking my PDC course from Mustafa Bakir (Turkey) in Malaysia.
    Zaytuna Farm is a dream for me to watch and a big dream is to meet Bill and Geoff there and learn more about Permaculture. I wish I could be with the lucky one who are visiting this farm.

    Best regards

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