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Slip Hazard

With apologies to Robert Newman

A percentage of climate scientists expect that climate engineering of some sort will be required – because we as a species just can’t be arsed with changing our behaviour.
Marvellous. Can I have my Jet-Pack now?


    Make nature an ally. Using mighty power of nature.
    In the northwestern Australia, we have huge tides, huge evaporation and huge dry rivers and lakes. Tides are up to 12m. Evaporation is up to 4m per year and can be increased. Huge 12m tidal erosion can revive old dry paleo dormant once mighty rivers, creeks and lakes,desalinate the country and change deserts to rain forests to provide more rain across Australia.World population is growing rapidly and we need more energy, food, land and water.see: Mitic CLIMATE ENGINEERING will change deserts and whole continent for better climate environment, provide hydro energy, permanently.

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