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Wanted. Permaculture Translators – People fluent in another language willing to donate some time to translate from a supplied English text transcript of The Permaculture for Beginners DVD into their chosen language. The supplied Word document will be between 40 to 60 pages so if you are up to the challenge, we’d be grateful for your contribution. This is not a simple or easy task to complete in one sitting, so please, only reply if you are fluent in your preferred language, are motivated, self-disciplined and prepared to complete the task and deliver the document within a fixed deadline. This is very important.

We have been approached by people keen to do translations for their preferred European language already but we would like to make sure that we also cover the main language groups. French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic are preferred. The DVD is not limited to just these languages so if you would like to see your country supported, we welcome your contribution. We can’t pay you for your effort, but we will acknowledge your name in the Credits and send you a free copy of the completed DVD as a small gesture of thanks.

If you’re are interested in becoming involved please email jane (at) with your preferred language choice. We will give you about 4 weeks to complete the task but don’t worry we won’t contact you until the English transcript is ready and that won’t happen until February 2009.




  1. So far we’ve had offers to translate it into French, German, Polish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and a few others – but not Brazilian. I guess you mean Portuguese? Spanish is one we are still after as well – if someone who can assist – email Jane – [email protected]

  2. I can help with Spanish if you still need it. I actually worked in Peru for several months on a community gardening project, so my gardening Spanish is pretty good.

  3. Hi I am from Chile but live in Australia.
    I would be happy to take a look at the document and see if I could translate it to spanish!

    Please contact me if you don’t have spanish translation still.



  4. Well, the Portuguese from Brazil is quite diferent of the one from Portugal… So, people call our one “Brazilian” (Brasileiro). Some publishing houses translate their books from Portuguese to Brazilian (or Brazilian to Portuguese). Anyway, I can help with brazilian translate, if you need. :)
    On next days I’m going to Australia to have there some courses.
    Best wishes.

  5. Hi there, my name is Nuno Cardoso!
    I took a permaculture design course with Geoff Lawton in September of 2006, and would be interested in translating it to portuguese. Could you send me more details please?
    thank you all the way from portugal

  6. Hey, I am sure I can find someone on site here in Vietnam to help with this (into Vietnamese), not sure about the fixed deadline though- when do you need it by? Could the educational site here have a free copy if one of the staff translates for you? Just so I can let them know when I ask them to do the translation……
    kia kaha

  7. What a great experience to help you guys, if you are looking for a Spanish translator. I am planing to take one of your courses next year, Spanish is my first language so lets help each other!

  8. I can help to the french translation if there is still a need. Maybe it is better to share the work dividing it in 10 minutes as I guess there will be lots of potential french translator.

    Anyway, if there is a need I would be really happy to help on this.



  9. Hello Everyone – We’ve had a terrific response from the international Permaculture community and – Yes we probably will have more translators offering their assistance than we can possibly use. The Spanish and French response has been really strong. We will share the workload for some languages so some people will only need to translate a portion of the transcript. We’ll put up a list of languages shortly so keep watching this space to see if your language is included or missing on the list – or if you’d like to help in some way – please email [email protected] as she has the list of translators and languages. Thanks again. Frank

  10. I would be glad to help with the Spanish translation, although it seems you already have had quite a bit of help offered for that. I would also be able to do the Mandarin Chinese translation. Please let me know if I can help, thanks!

  11. Hi, I am a pro English/Spanish translator and editor with a University degree in permaculture. If you need any help, let me know at the address above.

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