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Letters from Vietnam – a Funny Thing Happened…

Was it the distracting view here in Vietnam, or the mud – or simply carelessness? I’ve parked motorcyces (normally a bit larger than this one…) in some unusual places before, and never had this happen to me. What am I on about? Well, while taking this photo….

… I heard a kind of crashing noise in the grass next to me….

I tore my eye from the viewfinder to find the moped I’d parked only moments before, had jumped up on its own and flipped upside down – below the side of the road….

The wheels you’re looking at are level with the road’s grassy (and muddy…) shoulder. Thankfully the hapless look on my face is understood internationally, and a kind passer-by came to my rescue. (Yes, even on windy mountainous roads in remote parts of the far north of Vietnam, there are pedestrians!) The two of us puffed and panted and managed to drag the bike onto its feet – after which it started first go!

Where the bike landed was actually the beginning of a very steep incline – I think if it had another few kilograms behind it it would have continued quite a way….

Anyway – had a great visit with some Hmong people today. Pictures and text to follow as soon as I get a mo to turn it into something you guys can peruse.

Don’t know what I’m doing here? Check out this post, and that post, and you will.


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