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Congestion Explained

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On my way to work this morning I was obliged to abandon the bus in gridlocked traffic and walk the last mile or so. As I passed junction 17 of the M60 I saw a poor deluded soul parading through this belching impromptu car park wearing a sandwich board declaring his opposition to the Manchester congestion charge, and handing out leaflets to the thousands of stranded drivers. I crossed the motorway bridge and looked down on the stalled traffic, breathing in the poison and the frustration, and observed that at least 90% of the vehicles were occupied by single individuals – all ruthlessly enjoying the freedom that personal transport brings.

I must admit that I was temporarily overwhelmed by a combination of pity, despair and contempt that boiled briefly over into loud swearing and gesticulation before collapsing back into the general bewilderment that characterises my working day.

The sad fact is that most people get a car because “it’s what you do, innit?”

We’ll get the future we deserve.

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  1. The cartoon struck me funny… :)

    It is a type of snare african use to have to catch monkeys…the bottle was tied down of course… and once the animal would catch the bait inside the bottle, the only thing you had to do is rush it down with a lot of noise… the monkeys did not let the bait go! and were captured… and roasted over fire for a meal.
    Humans developed this technique to be caught the same way…
    How does that make us superior, or, are we really descendant of …?

    It works, try it on again and again…it always does.

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