The World According to Monsanto

The following documentary is a thorough, in-depth look at the history of one of the world’s most dangerous and despised corporations and the serious issues swirling around genetically modified crops — from the implications for biodiversity and personal health, to the corporate control of our food, and more. Don’t miss it! (particularly U.S. residents who will likely never otherwise get to see this material on their screens…)



  1. This is a really informative documentary. There are a few others worth checking out on Youtube such as ‘Patent for a Pig’. After watching the documentaries Ive noticed how GM is being promoted as the solution to the ‘food crisis’. This is the ‘War on Food’.

    Just a thought –

    Whos Green Revolution is it anyway?

    Desperate for solutions everywhere we hear the cry for a ‘Green revolution’.
    But this same slogan is used by both environmentalists and the corporates to mobilise support for opposing agendas. This can only lead to confusion among publics. The word ‘revolution’ has all kinds of conotations, from totalitarian communism to its more modern banal use in advertising to hype up all sorts of ridiculous products.

    The ‘Green Revolution’ desired by the likes of Monsanto is aimed at mobilising political and economic support for policy changes that support the global spread of the GM agricultural model. It has everything to do with market dominance and nothing to do with solving the ‘food crisis’or building a sustainable future.

    Environmentalists would do well to stear clear of sensationalism and ‘revolutionary’ rhetoric.

  2. Thanks Kevin. I think you may find my post on the food crisis interesting along these lines, as it outlines how and by who the current food crisis is being orchestrated (see link at bottom of post above).

    Re the ‘Green Revolution’. Borlaug is regularly praised for ‘saving millions’, but unfortunately few see that he may have murdered billions, as the world’s food infrastructure, from seed to sewerage, is so fully unsustainable that its collapse is, and will be, beyond a tragedy. Reversing the Green Revolution is the challenge ahead. Establishing systems of permanent agriculture is the path that needs to be blazed now.

  3. I saw somewhere that we already grow many times the amount of food we need in order to feed the planet and that the reasons people are dying from starvation are distribution related – i.e. political. I have often wondered how many people will starve to death so major corporations can “prove” that we need GE.

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