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Humanure Handbook – Free Download

With chapters like ‘Crap Happens’, ‘Deep Shit’ and ‘A Day in the Life of a Turd’, this is sure to be an interesting book, albeit possibly not one to read over lunch?

With this wonderful substance piling up in all the wrong places (after all, we’re running out of clean water, and yet we’re crapping in it…), this taboo topic deserves a lot more attention than it gets. The book is now into its 3rd Edition.

Written by a humanure composting practitioner and organic gardener with over 30 years experience, this third edition provides detailed scientific information on how humanure can be hygienically recycled, without fancy technological do-dads, a large bank account, toxic chemicals, or environmental pollution.

This unique handbook provides information on composting, soil fertility and microorganisms, alternative graywater systems and much more. It also gives detailed instructions on how you can build or buy your own sawdust toilet and compost bins for only a few dollars.

Defecating in our drinking water is perhaps one of our culture’s most curious, but least talked about, habits. This book gives compelling and detailed testimony as to why humanure should be constructively recycled:

* to prevent water pollution: (almost 4 trillion gallons of sewage effluent are dumped into our coastal waterways each year);
* to fertilize the soil: (rich in soil nutrients, humanure can be safely recycled by thermophilic composting);
* to protect our dwindling drinking water supplies: (nearly 1/3 of all household drinking water is used to flush toilets); and
* to enhance our health: Fertile soil not only grows great veggies, but nourishes our health and community’s well-being. –


  1. I have read this book few months ago and i think it’s really a “must read” book for everyone who would like to live his/hers life sustainably.

  2. My download only said it was 9.12mb – not 22mb as suggested in the text above. Perhaps it has been compressed since this was written?

  3. While looking for Compost Toilet System back in 2009, I ordered this book and read it through. I then build this system for my cottage. My spouse/husband was more than sceptical but since the investment was low, then I got the green light. We know use it since then and it is working wonderfully even though we have strong winter in Québec, Canada. My spouse is now more than convinced and spreads the word. I shared my book with few people who also started their own system recently. This system is really miraculous. Thanks for taking the time to write this book.

  4. Just discovered this little gem, and want to say well done and thank you. I’ve been trying to convince my hubby on the merits of composting toilets for years [albeit the dehydrating ones] but I reckon that due to the relative simplicity of this idea he may be convinced. Plus combining general garden compost with what us humans produce everyday seems such an obvious solution, and yet why haven’t we always done it this way?? I’m in Australia and I can assure you we have more than our fair share of fecophobes over here – hopefully thanks to your book, website etc and just a general need for greater environmental action this will eventually change. Once again thank you and best wishes :)

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