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Get Behind the Raw Milk Campaign

by Cathé Fish of Practical Permaculture

Help Raw Milk Diary Producers in Australia!

As you probably know, many small dairy farmers have been forced out of business by big corporate Ag laws, especially those laws that outlaw sales of health-giving raw milk, raw butter, raw cream and other raw milk products. My grandparents had this happen to them. These pasteurization laws take what should be a healthy value added cottage industry product (raw milk and raw cheese, etc.) and force small dairy farmers to sell at wholesale at 1975 prices.

Dairy farmers who sell wholesale go out of business here in the US at a rate of 16 per day, as they are squeezed by the giant corporate milk companies. Study after study shows that compulsory pasteurization laws (that protect the inferior pasteurized unhealthy product of Big Ag) have been largely responsible for the decline of small diverse mixed farms, and small American towns and rural life. I believe this is true also in Australia and around the world.

The Weston A. Price Foundation, of which I am a chapter co-leader, has a campaign to legalize raw milk dairies world-wide, as we believe it is an important natural health-giving food that can bring in needed income to small farmers. Here in California we have been involved in a year long campaign to keep our raw milk dairies legal.

Likewise, we are also helping Australia to legalize raw milk. We have just learned that the Food Standards Authority in Australia will accept submissions regarding the raw milk products proposal from anywhere, not just Australians. This is a momentous undertaking that will have life supporting effects for dairy farmers in Australia, as well as health giving effects for dairy customers in Australia. We believe that on-farm sales of raw milk products can turn the tide of domination by Big Ag, and bring back vibrant small towns.

What’s needed today is widespread return to the humane, non-toxic, cottage industry of old: pasture-based dairying and small-scale traditional processing. For more information about real milk, why we want to drink it and where you can find it worldwide, check out

Read more about the campaign in Australia via the links below, then send an email to [email protected] to show your support. Please note that these specific email comments need to arrive by September 16 (but comments anytime continue to support real milk in Australia). Make sure you include your name and contact details, and whether you are a consumer or work in the industry. Separate submissions should be made for raw milk and raw milk cheese.

P.S. Please be aware that some Australian corporate dairies are feeding their milking cows Genetically Modified feedstock.


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  1. I have heard of people forming raw milk co-ops where the members own the cow and they can get around the laws. I heard this from Janai Donaldson from who is part of one in her area of Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA USA

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